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Dad should be like dirt. Want to find out how? Join us this weekend!


Part One - June 2-10, 2018

In this series we will learn how to handle confrontation, how to grow up, how to restore a friend who is falling into sin and about the most important subject in the Bible.

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Thriving From Negative Criticism June 2 & 3
The Right Way to Handle Confrontation June 9 & 10


May 19-27, 2018

We are better together when you are at your best, and I am at mine. 

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We Are Better Together May 19 & 20
The Best of Me, The Best of You May 26 & 27


May 12-13, 2018

Baptism weekend is one of our favorite weekends- there’s nothing we love more than celebrating the life change we see in this ministry!

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Why Baptism Matters on Mother's Day  May 12 & 13


March 31 - May 6, 2018

Grace Happens - a 40-day journey looking at 6 facets of God's grace.  One of the most important things we can embrace in this life is how gracious our God is and that His grace constantly meets us where we are. 

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Simple Grace March 31 & April 1
Constant Grace April 7 & 8
Comforting Grace April 14 & 15
Fearless Grace April 21 & 22
Selfless Grace April 28 & 29
Daring Grace May 5 & 6


March 10 - 25, 2018

YOLO JOY... You Only Live Once…this life is too short to waste on negativity. We have been called to a life of joy, laughter, happiness and even fun. Join Pastor Rick Long and discover how God‘s Word gives us the roadmap to making the most of this life while filling it with Joy.

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Joy is a Choice March 10 & 11
Why We Should Have the MOST Fun! March 17 & 18
Give My Joy Away March 24 & 25


Februrary 10 - March 4, 2018

Have you ever felt like the walls were closing in? Like no matter what you do there’s no way out? Join Pastor Rick for this compelling and practical series to discover God’s way out.

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Trapped by my Life February 10 & 11
The Relationship Trap February 18 & 19
Trapped by Church Boredom February 24 & 25
Avoiding the Trap of Selfishness March 3 & 4


January 13 - February 4, 2018

You can’t be crazy generous if you don’t trust God in every aspect of your life. In order to let go of these things, you need to learn to trust God fully!

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Time After Time January 13 & 14
Turning my Talents into Treasure January 20 & 21
Testing my Treasures January 27 & 28
Where's my Trust February 3 & 4


December 30, 2017 - January 7, 2018

Learn what the Bible teaches about worldview and how it shapes your perspective of everyone you meet and everything you do.

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My View From Here December 30 & 31
Your View of You January 6 & 7