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January - April, 2017

This Spring has been eventful and we praise God for all that He is doing in Peru.

In January, the team was excited to host the annual Shawi pastors conference. Over 600 Shawi, including pastors and their families traveled throughout the Amazon to attend the week-long conference.

During this week, they were blessed by times of worship, prayer and theological training. One of the goals of the conference was to encourage the Purpose Driven principles and to really spend some time in Eternal Security and Salvation. The conference ran so smoothly and the team of five volunteers from Grace who partnered with the missionaries, helped greatly in enhancing the quality of the conference.

We praise God for His answered prayers during this time! For the way He answered prayers of safe travels, minimal sickness, smoothness of the conference, and for such a sweet time of everyone coming together. There was even a moment a few weeks before, where we were not positive there would be a translator and the church joined in praying, and God answered that prayer with a mature, hungry for the Lord, young man who was willing and able to spend the week in the Jungle. God’s hand was so evident in this conference. For many, the highlight was watching 35 Shawi get baptized in the Amazon River.

In March, the team got to have a special time with our three Shawi missionaries debriefing from the conference and working through curriculum. In this time, one of our Shawi missionaries, Jesus, announced formally that he would be transitioning into an educator position. He had hurt his back and the doctor said he would need a year to rest and not travel. It is with bittersweet emotions as the team gave him their blessing. He has been a wonderful teammate and man to work with, while of course, they are excited for this opportunity to love and serve students that God has brought to his life.

The team spent some time praying over the future and asking God to lead in potential Shawi men to join the team.

Also in March, Doug was able to visit IBESH, the Shawi Bible Institute for the first time. This was his first solo trip into the jungle. It was a great time of bonding with 3 of the Shawi pastors we work with and two of the students. He got to help repair one of the buildings and had some fun trying exotic food.

At the end of April, there will be a week-long training where the two Shawi missionaries will attend with their families, for a time of encouragement and training. During this meeting, five potential new Shawi missionaries will attend as well to see about joining the team.


  • Pray for the April meeting, that this will be a sweet time of encouragement for the team. Ask that they will have unity of vision, mind, and will grow in their pursuit of Jesus.
  • Pray that God will give the team wisdom and clarity on adding members to the team.
  • Please continue to pray for the health of our missionaries.
  • Pray for them in navigating their day to day, that God will guide them.